Overview of subscriptions

For the use of INFOXpromo we offer you the subscription that best suits your needs.

Test all functions for two weeks with the one-time TEST subscription, use the FREE subscription for permanent access with limited authorizations, or choose one of the BASIC, BUSINESS or PREMIUM subscriptions depending on your needs.


  Test FREE Basic Business Premium
Permanent access with restrictions
Test all functions for two weeks
9,90 €
per month, plus VAT. Annual subscription
19,90 €
per month, plus VAT. Annual subscription
29,90 €
per month, plus VAT. Annual subscription
Standard Services          
Weekly Order Service Newsletter                
Regular Travel Agency Newsletter (B2B)                
Free Travel Agency Hotline                
Catalog Orders          
Online Catalog Orders                
Catalogs Download            
Catalog shipment to end customers NEW     ()       
Marketing Services          
Print Store                
B2B2C Direct Mailings                
Advertising Subsidy                
Social Media Posts NEU     ()        
Mailing Factory (B2C)                 
Media Factory                
Customization Service                
Media Center (Storage)   100 MB 10 MB 20 MB 50 MB 100 MB


* Please note that costs can arise within the test subscription if you claim chargeable services within your test access. This includes, for example, services for the printing and shipping of advertising materials. Any costs incurred are visible in the ordering process and must be approved by you in advance.

(✓) = Limited Selection

*** For agencies authorized by the provider.


Do you have questions about the subscription model? 

Take a look at our FAQ or send an email to reisebueroservice@infox.de
Our team will contact you immediately.