Inspiring End Product

The perfect holiday begins with anticipation. Prepare a positive user experience for your customers by providing them with ideal support at this point. Individually compiled travel documents offer all possibilities to inspire your customers at this touchpoint, to bind them and to activate up- and cross-selling.

Innovative Layouting

INFOX creates each of your travel documents in print and digital format as a one-off for your customer in accordance with your corporate design guidelines and according to your specifications. Different brands and language versions can be displayed in different layouts and dynamically assigned. The generation is rule-based and fully automatic. This guarantees fast and reliable implementation.

Wide Product Variety

This creates unique, high-quality travel documents with vouchers, itineraries, rail tickets and personalised luggage tags. Take advantage of this often only opportunity for direct customer contact before the trip and enrich the standard components with individualised and rule-based additional information. This can include directions, destination information, vouchers and up-selling and cross-selling elements. Your customer thus receives compact, professionally compiled travel documents in practical booklet or DIN A5 format. This underpins the value of your product.

Immediate Dispatch

The printed travel documents are produced fully automatically in our in-house digital printing centre and sent to the travel agency or the end customer on the same day. If desired, they can be supplemented with additional items such as travel guides, high-quality luggage tags or ticket bags. The travel documents can also be produced exclusively digitally. Together with all additional information, the travel documents are available in PDF format optimised for DIN A4. This allows you to provide your customers with the documents via email or app.

Database-Driven Support

INFOX guarantees extensive quality assurance and complete invoice documentation through the use of a database-supported process. Employees of your call centres have access to the travel documents and can offer high-quality customer service. Interfaces to various tour operator and booking systems are available to transfer booking data at the click of a mouse.  Other diverse software modules, for example for voucher management or as a content management system, round off the product and leave nothing to be desired.

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