Catalogue Distribution to Travel Agencies

Full service for your catalogue distribution

Benefit from our full-service concept for your catalogue distribution:

  • Organization and appointment coordination for the collection of your catalogues from the printing house
  • Initial catalogue dispatch and subsequent dispatch to travel agencies at top conditions
  • Online ordering portal for travel agencies to reorder catalogues for customer advisory services
  • Catalogue logistics system with control options for system-based quota checking and continuous reporting

This enables you to distribute your catalogues precisely to the travel agencies that are relevant to you and receive, among other things, up-to-date data on interested parties and new potential sales partners.

Sending Catalogues to End Customers

Your advertising material sent directly to customers without detours

Regardless of whether you collect advertising material orders via your call center or your website or whether travel agencies order catalogue dispatch to their customers via our order portal, we deliver your advertising material from our warehouse directly to the end customers:

  • Transmission of order data via a secure data interface (e.g. SFTP server)
  • Printing of cover letters on your stationery, packaging of the shipment (catalogue, cover letter, enclosures if applicable) and dispatch in your branded envelopes via our lettershop
  • Opt for us to take over the production of stationery, envelopes and inserts

We work with reliable postal and parcel service providers around the world so that we can offer the right delivery method for every target group and requirement.

Print on Demand Catalogues

The best of both worlds: Value of print & topicality of the internet

As an alternative or supplement to the print run catalogue, we offer you the possibility to produce your catalogues "on demand". We have developed an efficient process especially for this purpose.

  • Production only takes place when you and your sales partners order specific catalogues.
  • The ordering process is system-controlled throughout
  • The catalogue contains what has been explicitly selected in advance in an Internet order mask.
  • You decide which ordering and combination options are offered to the user.

Print-on-demand catalogues are the "better" catalogues in terms of sustainability and possibilities for individualisation, because each catalogue is unique and tailored to the planned sales process and leads to better sales results.


Your print advertising media in German travel agencies

More than 50% of all holiday trips are booked in a travel agency. 90% of all travel agencies active in the D-A-CH market have a counter, that's more than 10,000 agencies. Take the opportunity to place your brand and product message with attractive and emotionally appealing advertising material with your agency partners. In this way, you strengthen the advertising impact directly at the point-of-sale and also generate a great deal of attention among the expedients by:

  • Regular analogue advertising materials for use in sales talks at the counter.
  • Our wide-ranging portfolio from travel catalogues to posters to A1 customer stoppers
  • Elaborate decoration systems and window stickers, with which you can use countless window and advertising spaces of the sales locations for yourself
  • INFOX' service, after which we can even take over production for you on site

Deco Service

Your brand and product messages directly at the point of sale

Equip your agency partners with window decorations, dispensers as well as other effective advertising media and benefit from their presence directly at the point of sale.

  • We take care of the packaging of the decoration materials, the dispatch and delivery to the travel agencies, the quality inspection and the returns management for you.
  • In the case of technically sophisticated decoration systems, we also take care of the assembly and dismantling on site for you.
  • We professionally store decorations that are to be used later (e.g. when acquiring new agency partners, opening new travel agencies, roadshows or trade fairs).

Webshop Logistics

Let INFOX take care of the tedious shipping process for you

Simply forward the daily orders from your shop to our merchandise management system via a standard interface. The inventory management is continuously updated in the data exchange between the systems. Our webshop logistics takes care of the entire shipping process for you.

  • Receipt of the goods into our warehouse and merchandise management system
  • Finishing, packaging and dispatch
  • Enclosure of invoices, delivery notes and advertising media with every shipment

With INFOX Webshop Logistics, let us take care of your laborious dispatch processing.

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