Information Logistics for the Entire Tourism Industry

INFOX and its corporate group combine experience with innovation and have managed to evolve from a pure logistics service provider to a full-service provider in just under five decades. It combines state-of-the-art digital printing and its own steadily growing software department to offer its customers suitable solutions for their individual challenges.

Values that Define us

Our values form the basis for our daily actions. Within the company and with our business partners.

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We are committed to taking responsibility for the success of our customers and, to this end, develop high-quality print & digital communication solutions for the individual needs of our customers.


We create trust through relationships based on mutual respect. We want to form bonds with our customers, partners and employees that promote diversity and creativity.


Every day we are inspired anew and strive for constant innovation. These impulses create a dynamic that points the way to the future and to success. Today's visions thus become tomorrow's reality.


Sustainable and socially responsible management is a long-term success factor and innovation driver for us, because only those who manage economically can act in an ecologically and socially responsible manner.

INFOX Solutions

The INFOX Group of Companies is made up of the logistics company INFOX, the printing specialist Omnidata and the software service provider Printlet. Together we realize INFOX Solutions, cross-media marketing and logistics solutions.

INFOX GmbH & Co. Informationslogistik KG has been acting as the market leader for information logistics in the tourism industry for decades and is known for catalog distribution and counter mailing, among other things.

Omnidata is a subsidiary of INFOX, a print and media service provider specializing in IT services, data management, digital printing and high-performance enveloping. 

As a specialist for automated and hyper-personalized marketing, Printlet GmbH emerged from INFOX GmbH & Co. Informationslogistik KG.